HoopCrew App for Basketball Officials in 2020/21

Getting ready this basketball season feels strange! There is a lot going on and a much higher risk of games changing and officials swapping around due to the latest national rules and laws.

This season has already seen a number of fixtures canceled, moved, and updated, so its more important that ever to have the latest data at your fingers.

The great news is that Assignr is being used by Basketball England (BE), and also the British Basketball League (BBL) again this year. and because of this, the HoopCrew app can help you here! Its deep Assignr integration, and offline caching, including officials’ phone numbers and emails (where shared) makes contact and communication a lot quicker and easier than any other way.

Additionally, The HoopCrew app is the best place to get the latest rules and documents. The new Fiba iRef Academy app provides a link to the website links for the FIBA documents but puts them somewhere in your downloads on your phone. This makes them hard to find and keep organised. The HoopCrew app links to the same documents, but caches them inside the app, enabling direct access to them without having to download them each time. This makes accessing any document a LOT faster with the HoopCrew app.

Having key Basketball England and FIBA documents in one place, along with additional utilities and rules test, the HoopCrew app really makes sense for all UK officials to download and use.

The extra support with Assignr integration makes it the single go-to place in your phone for all this seasons challenges!

As we say!

Take the next shot, make the next call, Players, Officials, #TogetherWeAreBaskeball!