About Us

The HoopCrew app is written by a UK registered Basketball Referee (who just happens to also be a Delphi software developer. The original concept for the app came from having to get ready for Level 3 referee exams and not having a fast way to test accurately knowledge before rules tests.

From this basis, the app has at its core useful links and resources for referees and table officials but has also expanded into a useful tool for coaches and those wanting to enhance scrimmage time. It’s about saving time in the daily life of an official, but also about learning and improving! – But also importantly, being able to access the key resources, even in a sports hall with no WiFi or cellular connection!

We have added along the way, links to useful videos, documents, rules, procedures etc. If you know of other resources you want to be added, then follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and share what you are interested in!