Mobile / tablet apps for Basketball

Winning Coaches, Practice Smart and Hard

"I practice as if I'm playing in a game, so, when the moment comes in the game, it's not new to me... That's the reason you practice... so when you get to that moment, you don't have to think, instinctively things happen."

Small Percentages, Win Games!

The difference between winning and losing comes from how you train! Add match day pressure to scrimmage time, with 24 and 14-second shot clock timings from the palm of your hand!


Shot clock violation or play on… For players and teams, not use to playing with a shot clock, the realistic sounds of game day (with the integrated horn) can make a big difference to the on-court response of your team on game day!

Pocket Whistle & Air Horn

Never get stuck without a whistle or air horn. Great for a backup at scrimmage or on match day.

Be a student of the game!

  • How well do your team know the traveling rule? Do they take advantage of the gather step?
  • Do they now what makes a foul unsportsmanlike?
  • What’s the difference between a charge and a block?
  • What are refs checking for in the post plays?

If a picture paints 1000 words, these videos and quizzes, shared with your team must be worth a few points per game!

Reduce Stress on Game Day!

Keep key content at your fingertips. Once key documents are opened for the first time, they are cached on your device for fast future access, anywhere! (Even in sports halls with no signal).

If it’s last minute printing before leaving for a game, or just to read when needed, its one less thing to worry about!

Documents include

  • FIBA Rules
  • NBL Rules (UK)
  • Match Day Expense forms

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