Basketball Referees

Rules and Tests at your fingertips!

Access the rules and practice your knowledge anywhere, with immediate feedback. Ideal for learning, and keeping your knowledge sharp, or preparing for your next exam!

Key Document to hand!

Ever need to get an expense form printed quickly? Want to check something in the rules? Find all the key documents easily located, and printable, directly from your mobile or tablet device.

Learn from the best!

Resources also contains a number of useful video links to YouTube. Watch, learn and refresh your knowledge by seeing clear examples reviewed by the best referees: Content includes Traveling, Unsportsman-like foul, act of shooting, managing post play and more.

Assignr Integration keeps you connected! (Even when offline!)

If you have a login for Assignr, you can access your assigned games, see their status, and view fellow officials directly in the app. Hotlinks enable you to call and email them directly (based on their publically shared data).

For each match, see the Status, match numbers, venue details and meet your crew, even when offline.