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Premium Content

While the basis of the app is to provide free educational tools to basketball officials and coaches, a few additional “advanced” items are accessible as part of our premium listing. These features help to pay for the infrastructure to support the app. If you don’t need them, but still want to say thank you for the app, please feel free to purchase the premium pack anyway.

The premium pack is currently a one off cost, however, we hope to move to a subscription model in the future. Getting on-board now, will be the cheapest way to secure premium content for the future.

Premium features

For Assignr, premium enables

  • Visibility of cancelled games
  • Viewing historical games
  • Viewing games beyond the next 7 days

More content paged.

How to purchase the premium pack?

Currently, Premium pack is available only as an in app purchase. Open the hoop crew app, and under the menu for any page, choose the purchase option from the bottom of the page.

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