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The Quizzes in the Quiz section enable you to test your knowledge on every section of the FIBA basketball rules. The questions are here to help you learn and include instant feedback on the multiple choice answers.

The questions very in difficulty, and provide 2 to 4 multiple choice answers per question.

Starting a Quiz

To start using a quiz:

  1. Tap / click the Quiz section from the main menu
  2. Select the quiz to open from the list
  3. Select the answer(s) for the question
  4. Scroll down (swipe up) to the next question

Ending a Quiz

To end the quiz choose the Finished flag at the bottom of the screen. This will display the result / progress so far. To return to the questions, click Review Answers.

At any point you can use the close icon in the top corner to return to the list of quizzes, and ultimately back to the main menu.

Instant Feedback

The quiz questions are here to help you learn! This is why colour highlights are used to help indicate when you have selected a correct or incorrect answer. The answer stays selected and highlighted unless you un-select it.

Note: Not all answers have a single answer. The answer will only report correct if all correct answers are selected.

Order of Questions

The questions are listed randomly by default, however, if you wish to put them in the same order (typically this follows the FIBA Basketball Rules and Interpretations) toggle the “Shuffle Answers” menu option under the Quiz section.

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