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Resources is a selection of our favourite and most used documents and videos. If you have further suggestions for documents or useful YouTube content that should be included, please let us know [email us!].

What’s in Resources?

Resources are split into multiple categories (listed alphabetically) This includes

  • Documents
  • Interpretations
  • Rules
  • Videos

Documents include Official Rules and Interpretations, Expenses forms and Fees listing from Basketball England. Documents can be opened, viewed and printed using your local printer, ideal for last minute dash to get an expenses form ready before a big game!

Offline Use

Not all sports arenas are great for mobile coverage! We know this, and the worst thing can be not getting access to your needed data when in a black spot!

All documents are downloaded and cached on your device the first time they are opened. After this, you will access the local copy on your device every time you select it.

This has the benefit of reducing mobile data usage, and also ensuring the documents are available anytime, everywhere.

The only exception is the Videos. These are played directly from YouTube and require an internet connection to run.

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