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The Utilities section provides a number of useful aids for basketball. They can be used on game day, when practicing for table official exams, or even to take your scrimmage to the next level.

Whistle & Air horn

The whistle and horn provide the sound of a table’s air horn and an umpire’s whistle. They can be used during a scrimmage, or (especially for the air horn) as a backup during game day.

Time out

The time-out button runs a 1 minute time out. At the end of the timeout, the horn blows.

Shot Clock

The shot clock helps practice being a shot clock operator, and can also add an extra level of intensity to a scrimmage, adding match day time pressure into your practice will really sharpen your game. It’s also a useful aid for practicing/assessing shot clock awareness for officials.

Once the clock is running, simply press the 14 or 24 buttons to reset the timer. It will automatically run until you press the stop button, or the clock expires (which will automatically sound the air horn)

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